Coldstream Family Portraits

What an amazing time had with this family of 5 (+1). It all started out looking gloomy and drab, but I had a couple ideas in mind and Kristi's family were all strong willed troopers who didn't let the weather get them down.

Kristi and I spent quite a few weeks trying to get this session under way as her family is very busy and all work different random shifts.  We finally ended up with a time and date that worked for all of us, so when the weather decided not to cooperate, we weren't going to cave in very easily.  Kristi and her family hit the road for their hour plus drive to meet with me at this location in Coldstream Conservation Area. (which was closer then my home town for them to get to) It started to rain on their travels and I was already at the location to get set up.  We spoke on the phone to come up with a back up plan but settled for this location when I mentioned we could make it look like outdoor photos if we use the pavilion in the park and shoot from inside out.  

When Kristi pulled into the parking lot the doors opened and four pre/teens poured out of the back seat, all laughing, joking with each other and carrying on having lots of fun.  I knew this was going to be an epic session.  We worked our way into the park where the pavilion is and set up for our photo session.  I started with Mom and Dad so the kids would settle in and feel more comfortable around camera and myself, then I moved on to do photos of the kids. I still love the chemistry these siblings had with each other.  Always laughing and joking around.  

I decided to do some photos of the kids separately by themselves before we headed out of the pavilion.  This was a blast, as each of the kids really enjoyed the style of posing I was going for.  

Lastly we noticed the rain was letting up and we decided to move down to the dam for one last photo with the family all together.  Now, since it had rained so much, the rocks were very slippery. I was a little concerned for them getting out safely, but man was it comical to hear how they interacted with each other on their way out.  I think it was all worth the effort though as the photos with my low angle and the grey sky in the background made a very unique looking portrait.  

Well without going on for too long, here are a few of the photos from this shoot.

Corey Gardiner