P&P Wedding - Chatsworth Ont.

Ok, This was likely one of the most action packed weddings I will likely ever get to shoot. Paige and Perry wanted to get married were they fell in love and basically changed their lives forever. The location, The dirt track while racing ATV’s/Dirt Bikes. Motopark Racing outside of Williamsford Ontario was the location we attended for the ceremony where we were surrounded by riders of all ages having the time of their life. It truly was adrenaline filling and heart filling.

The track shut down for a good half hour while the ceremony took place, all the riders that were attending for the day came down to support the two of them during the ceremony, filling every level of the clubhouse multi level deck and cheering loudly when the minister announced the new couple. Paige and Perry were also joined by many family members and close friends who also met them in Belmore (an hour drive) for the reception. The decor at this outdoor reception tent was decorated with many details to show their personalities and the life they love to enjoy. A giant outdoor pig roast and lots of great food was waiting for all the guests to enjoy.

I decided half way through the reception to bring Paige and Perry out to the back of the property for a portrait session. One of the photos we really wanted was a sunset, but the clouds were not looking like they were going to cooperate, luckily when we were about to pack it in, I happened to look up over the hill to see a hint of reds and oranges. I turned to them to see if they were willing to shoot a couple more photos and had them run up the hill to a location covered in vines and we managed to get some great silhouettes and sunset photos for their albums.

I had a wonderful time with this wedding and really hope to have more like this come my way. Enjoy the photos below and if you are interested in my rates, head over to my contact page and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.


Corey Gardinermp racing