CASO with Bobbi-Jo Gardiner

Thanks to my beautiful wife for braving the cold temps in order to help me break in my new camera.  I recently switched all my Nikon gear to Sony, which I believe is going to make for phenomenal images in my upcoming wedding photography season here in St Thomas, Ontario. 

The following images were produced using my new Sony A7riii and 24-70 f4, 70-200 f4 lenses.  My friend Jim Kirkwood brought his new Godox continuous LED lights to make it an easier/quicker set up out in the cold.  Due to the weather and high winds, we decided to stick with the 7" dish that comes with the Godox lights.  Also seeing that we were using LED continuous, the output was quite a few stops lower then if we had used Strobes.  That being said, I had to increase my ISO quite high to produce a proper exposure and Wow! the Sony A7riii does not disappoint, even when I pushed it to 12800 ISO.  

Here are a few of my favourite images from the night at the St Thomas CASO station.


Corey Gardiner Photography, a St Thomas Wedding Photographer who enjoys getting out in the St Thomas area to shoot Wedding and Family Portraits.  The city of St Thomas has an abundance of great outdoor areas to shoot amazing Wedding Photos on your wedding day.

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Corey GardinerCASO Station