Paige and Perry Engagement Shoot

Wow! We had an amazing time this past Sunday.  Paige and Perry from Gorrie Ontario, and I from St Thomas Ontario, decided that the distance made for a pretty long drive for a portrait session.  So that is where the idea of meeting in Mitchel Ontario came from.  I have been through Mitchel what feels like hundreds of times as I grew up in Owen Sound Ontario and then moved to London area out of high school. So I had a pretty good idea of the area, but only from the driver seat of my car.  I found a whole new perspective (when I arrived the hour before our session was to start) when I jumped out of the truck to scout a few locations.  Mitchel will now be on my radar moving forward as a place for beautiful portrait sessions when needed.  

So, back to the main reason I started to type this blog post.  lol  I met Paige and Perry on the very cold Sunday afternoon of April 8 2018 at a friends family property outside of Mitchel for our starting location.  This property is mainly hard woods, it has a very nice clearing in the middle which made for a perfect portrait location.  We started here with a few poses and ring shots until we were unable to maintain proper body temperature and we decided to go into town to warm up.  I scouted a few locations when I arrived before the session and spotted a location with railway tracks that had a row of trees along both sides of the rail.  It was a beautiful scenery even before adding a wonderful couple to the mix, and then is was stunning. So without further ado, here are a few images from the engagement shoot.


Corey Gardiner