A night out in Port Stanley

So after finishing with the daily routine I found myself noticing that the sky was clearing up and the sun was nearing the horizon. So I grabbed the camera gear to head down to the beach and try catching the sunset. Unfortunately my observations of the sun setting were just a little too late. I missed the actual sunset, but I did manage to get a few shots with the colourful sky before darkness. Port Stanley Beach

After the sky darkened I packed up to head for home when I noticed the lights reflecting off the channel waters. I decided to set up and see what kind of compositions I could come up with. The weather was great, clear sky and a comfortable temperature making it easy to stay around and shoot. Here is my favourite from this location:

Port Stanley Channel

I started for home again when I saw a church that was lit up by a street light. It looked like a great spot to do some light photography. I set up and spent a half hour trying different settings. Using a shutter release, I was using shutter times of approximately 2 mins. Aperture of f22 and ISO I believe was 200. A few tries with the flashlight I finally had a satisfactory image to take home.


Port Stanley Church