Aylmer Wildlife Management Area

I had an opportunity to meet up with the St Thomas Photographic guild last Saturday evening to photograph the Tundra Swans at the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area.  One of the members was generous enough to bring her 500mm zoom lens for me to borrow and try out, thank you Suzanne Southon.  I have to say that it made a huge difference in the quality of the photos I ended up with.  At first I had a hard time focusing on the Swans in flight, but by keeping both eyes open I was able to start pinpointing them in the frame. I was having a great time with it and when I made it back home and uploaded the photos to the computer I found out exactly how much fun I really had.  I ended up taking 326 photos.  That left me with a lot of work during the selection process.  I managed to get down to 90 in the first round of rejecting photos.  From there I went back through and eliminated any that I felt lacked interest.  That brought me down to the final 20.  Here are the photos I captured of the Swans, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Corey Gardiner

photocrati gallery