Mac Lilley Farm

I recently had the amazing opportunity to help out a fellow photographer and great friend of mine (Jim Kirkwood) with a really exciting shoot out at Mac Lilley Farm.  The owners were looking to do a video/photoshoot to help promote their farm and to also double as a music video for a local Pianist who is working on her album.  We went out a few hours early as we had some idea's on how to light the barn but hadn't had a chance to test it out before hand.  We wanted to give the barn a smokey alley feel and have the piano player up front with the horse approaching from the back.  We used fog machines and Roto Light Neo's mainly to achieve this look.  Below are my photos and for the first time I have created a behind the scene video of us setting up.   CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Photo's by: Corey Gardiner

Video by: Corey Gardiner

Model: Gemma Peters

Location: Mac Lilley Farm with Ruleen Ruth Lilley