Milky Way from Kemble

I spent the last 4 days in Owen Sound visiting family and thought I'd reach out to an old friend in the area that has the same passion for Photography as I do.  I met Wil McReynolds at the YMCA where we discussed the plans for the night.  Wil had an image in mind that he wanted to try out, which involved multiple exposures stacked together in photoshop, creating a grid of light trails through downtown Owen Sound. However I decided to try one long exposure to see how it would turn out, as there was little traffic at this time. Then we would head out north to the Kemble Look Out to shoot the Milky Way.  Here is the result of approximately one minute of exposure looking downtown from the top of 10th street west hill. O.S. with Will Web Use-2

We spent about an hour at this location and then moved on to Kemble.  Talk about a perfect night to be out doing photography, the temperature was a cool 24 degrees and no bugs flying around our heads.  The Kemble parking lot has a street light at the corner and we decided to incorporate it into our shots and use it as a key light in our foreground.  Here are a couple more images from Kemble Look Out.

Kemble Look Out with Wil Web Use 1

Kemble Look Out with Wil Web Use 3

Kemble Look Out with Wil Web Use 4

This image below was created by taking 4 image exposures, taking them into Lightroom and using the panorama feature.

Kemble Look Out with Wil Web Use 5