Moon Shot

I had a family member ask me how to shoot the moon. I just got back from a 1940s theme Photo Shoot and noticed that there was a perfect clear sky and a full moon. (BTW more to come on the 1940s Photo Shoot.) So here is how I shot the moon. I shot this with my 200mm lens at ISO L1, 1/50 of a second at f8 and 200mm zoom. So to go into a little more detail, I started with my camera on the tripod and locked my focus on the moon.  I knew that I wanted a low ISO and my Aperature around f8 - f16. Therefore I started with f8. Having those two pieces of the exposure triangle pre determined left my with the Shutter to be the main piece to adjust my exposure.  I used my cameras built in light meter to figure out where the shutter should be and then took my shot.  

Night Moon