Natalie and Bobby's Engagement

I have had a very busy summer this year and found myself falling behind on keeping my blog up to date. My apologies for my frequent viewers. I would like to go back to the start of the summer and post a few engagement photos of a couple that just recently finished their wedding. Yes, that's pretty far behind.  lol. Natalie and Bobby are a great couple, we hit it off immediately, which was great, as it made all of us feel comfortable with each other.  We met at Pinafore Park in St Thomas first where we shot for about 45 minutes. We utilized the new waterfall structure and the great looking "Ruins" that were built at the entrance of the park.  The main photoshoot was planned to be down at Port Stanley Beach, so we drove down there to give ourselves time to shoot during the sunset.  We had a very successful shoot here, the "golden hour" gave us perfect light and we went home with many great photos.  Natalie and Bobby became very comfortable in front of the camera and were open to all my crazy photo ideas.

We packed things up just after sunset. Supper had been skipped by all three of us, so we decided to hit up a local restaurant which happened to have a band playing on the patio. It was a great location and I really got to know Natalie and Bobby much better. I was extremely excited for shooting their upcoming wedding.  Just as we were getting ready to leave, I asked if they would be interested in doing a photo at an old abandoned building that resided on our way home.  They were up to the challenge. So with the use of Roto lights and slightly long exposure, we came out with a great image which I'll attach at the end of the post.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough, here are a few of the Engagement images.

Thanks again,

Corey Gardiner

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-8

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-14

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-15

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-20 DWM

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-28


Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-37

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-42

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-46

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-53

Natalie & Bobby Engagement Web Use-58