Owen Sound Harbour

Hey everyone, How was your weekend?  I had a great one. I made it up to my home town (Owen Sound) to see family as it was not just Mothers Day weekend but a Big Birthday mile stone for my father as well.  He turned 60 this year and we had a huge surprise party for him at Shorty's Bar and Grill. After all the festivities, I was in the car preparing for my 3 hour drive back to St Thomas when I decided that I should try and get at least one of the shots I was planning on before I leave town. (A Shot of the city's harbour at night).  I headed down to the Grain Elevators in anticipation of a great view back to the city. Well, I found the right spot on my first try, beginners luck I guess.

It was a fantastic view. I set up the tripod and took a few shots. There were many lights along the harbour and they were having a tendency to blow out my exposure, but I kept at it until I found some settings that would get me close to the look I was going for.  (I think I need to purchase a Graduated Neutral Density Filter to achieve that shot I wanted, or I could have gone with an HDR shot and stitched the photos together in post production).  Anyway that's enough rambling on about this photo.  (Please hit me up if you have any questions on settings for any of my photos) Here is the final product of the Owen Sound Harbour City Lights.

Owen Sound Harbour City Lights

I had my shot and was about to pack up, as I was looking up at the Grain Elevators and noticed how awesome a view it was.  The stars were out in full force and I had to capture this moment.  I set the tripod back up and started with some Exposures in the minute ranges. Here is my favourite shot of the night. :)

Owen Sound Grain Elevators