Shoot with Ines Nina

I had the pleasure of working with model Ines Nina once again!  She always amazes me with her modelling abilities and always leaves me with great images to choose from.  Ines reached out to me wondering if I'd be interested in running one of my small workshops out at a location she holds deer to her heart.  The Hive London, located between Southdale and Wonderland on Wharncliffe road.  It's a great little farm house that feels like it's in the middle of no where.  It is mainly a small farm house used for office rental space.  Here is a link to their page if you'd like to learn more.

I had a few ideas running through my mind lately and this opportunity gave me the chance to get them out.  I went to Lens Mills and bought some material that we could use to make it look like Ines' dress had a train 20 feet long.  From their along with a new battery powered mono light and Speed lights I was able to create these images below.  I hope you enjoy them and if you did please drop by my Facebook page and give them a like.  Thanks again! Cheers.