Sunday Morning Shoot with St Thomas Photographic Guild

This past Sunday, my whole family was up by 6:30 am.  So naturally we had to jamb everyone into the car and head out to meet the St Thomas Photographic Guild for there Sunday morning shoot in London.  The walk was to take advantage of the Graffiti art around the London downtown core.  Having the whole family made it a little difficult to walk the streets and venture through all the suggested alleyways, so I decided to do a slightly different approach and take advantage of having my beautiful wife with me. I asked her if she would like to pose for me and use the graffiti as the back drop.  The weather was quite chilly, but we had great light with the sunrise and the final results turned out great.  Here are two of the final images from the shoot.  

Photographer: Corey Gardiner

Model: Bobbi-Jo Gardiner

Graffiti Photo Shoot w Bobbi-Jo Gardiner-1

Graffiti Photo Shoot w Bobbi-Jo Gardiner-2