Thursday Workshop with Cory Walker

Hi everyone, I have gone through a few images today and started editing.  I have many more to look at but first I wanted to edit this one and get it posted.  We had another Workshop Thursday night and the goal was to recreate the lighting of a photo from a magazine.  I happened to have missed the last workshop so I didn't realize what the assignment was until I arrived at the studio.  I had to laugh a little though at the movement in technology when I saw that 4 out of 5 members were using smartphones instead of bringing in a paper copy.  :D    So, like I was saying, I missed the week before but when I arrived I logged on to one of my favourite photography inspirations website and searched for an image I could use.  As we are running on small budget equipment, it was a little more difficult to come up with the same effect that Karl uses. After a half hour or so of me moving lights I finally (with the assistance of Cory Walker) came up with the lighting I was looking for. Here is a cropped version of the photo I had chose to use.  I will post the proper 3/4 length portrait later when I finish editing. Thanks for reading my blog post, it is greatly appreciated.

Corey Gardiner

Model: Eleisha Parker