Fur Throw with model Ana J

I had the recent opportunity to have Ana J come to the studio and give us an amazing night of photo opportunities.  She is a very talented local model and I highly recommend her for anyone reading this.  We set out with the idea of creating a painted look with the editing, but first we needed to take the photos. So we decided on a two light set up first and then moved to a more contrast single light set up.   We were fortunate enough to have a local Fashion designer Tiffany Richter and store owner of Chique Shack in Port Stanley lend us a couple "fur" throws for our model to use for the night.  With the use of these throws we were able to give an implied nude look.  Ana J had a ton of poses that she went through to give us a huge variety of photos.  It was very difficult to narrow down the field as you can likely tell when you look at these photos.

I decided to give this set a B&W edit as well as the colour.  I'm torn as to which set I like better so I'll post both.  :D  

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Corey Gardiner